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Hana Hou Campers offers a unique experience. There is nothing quite like driving to the edge of the water in the Mango Van. Smelling the ocean air, listening to the waves, and watching the sunset puts the body and soul at ease.

Hi, I'm Brent and this is my fully-restored 1977 VW Camper Bus, Mango. I've had some really great times camping with Mango and now I'd like to share them with you.

Mango is available on Airbnb and VRBO to those wanting a peaceful, nature-filled, Hawaiian vacation and those seeking a bit of adventure. Come see what it's all about and maybe you'll discover the most important things in life are obtained while relaxing on the beach.


1977 Volkswagen Westfalia Camper Van T2

Manual Transmission (stick shift)

Sleeps 4, has a two-burner stove, cooler, and shower

Stocked with beach towels, beach supplies, chairs, towels, hibachi grill, and cooking supplies

Optional: Fishing supplies | Diving supplies | 2 Surfboards

People who love us

Here’s what Caley wrote

“Mango the van is the exactly what makes Airbnb so special. Riding around feels like time traveling to a simpler and more mystical time of travel, a time when cell phones and google maps did not exist, a time when it really was about the journey and not the destination. You get the sense that this van has a soul filled with so many stories of past adventure; that the van doesn't become part of your story, but you become part of ITS story. It's definitely perfect for those who love serendipity and adventure, and it's super fun to drive around once you get the hang of it. Not recommended for people who need a bit more structure and predictability when they travel. Thanks so much Brent!”

…and what Kelsy wrote

“Mango was amazing!! Skip the hotels, skip the car rental, skip paying for all the beach equipment - Mango has it all! The two of us spent 7 nights in Mango and it was a dream. 4 speed manual with a reserve camera took us anywhere we wanted to go on island. We were able to get parking to usually parked events because we could go early or the night before then sleep in! We toted around to farmers markets and used the included fishing poles to catch our dinners. The convenient kitchenette and cooler allowed us to prepare fresh meal breakfast, lunch and dinner. Surf boards and snorkel gear was essential to our stay - used them almost daily! Being an original 1977 Volkswagen, we did encounter a little battery trouble 1 day (our fault for charging our electronics and jamming out with the great sound system) but Hana Hou Campers had people on top of the replacement in no time!! And a little secret: Mango is getting a new engine and transmission so his next guest are going to LOVE driving him around. Hana Hou Campers is the IDEAL vacation style that anyone who wants to see the island outside of the touristy hotels and city MUST try!”

…and also what Katie wrote

“This was an incredible choice for our stay on Oahu! Brent is a laid back, accommodating, informative host that is happy to share the island he lives on with visitors. The van was better than we could of expected. To be fair, I came in with zero expectations (I've never camped in a bus before), but it was better than I could have hoped. Every square inch of space is purposeful, and it can transform into whatever you need at any given moment (bedroom, living room, car...etc) me and three friends stayed here for two nights and all four of us slept comfortably with plenty of space. If you're questioning staying here, or in a pricey hotel...choose this! It's camping but with zero hassle of lugging the necessary gear along, just show up and go!”

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